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Nano Products

Nano Products treat coated surfaces such as glass, ceramic, stone, stainless steel, alloy wheels/rims, wood, textiles and leather. With all products, the surface always has to be untreated. First of all, the cleaners that accompany each product easily remove dirt and grime, so that the surface can be ideally protected.

Nano-BPS 307 is an aqueous impregnation material for absorbent mineral surfaces based on chemical nanotechnology. Self-organizing components are responsible for the water- and oil-repellent properties of the treated surfaces. Nano-BPS 307 is suitable for numerous absorbent mineral surfaces such as concrete, lime sand brick, natural sand brick, clinker, travertine, granite and some synthetic stones, as well as wood surfaces and paper.

The professional NewPro-Nano Coating Kit ProfiLine treats surfaces made of glass and ceramics. The NewPro-Nano Car Glass Kit is made up of nano particles and offers a clear view through automobile windows. The NewPro-Nano Glass and Ceramic Renovation System refines glass and ceramic objects both outdoors and indoors. The NewPro-Nano Care Set for Shower and Bath cleans coated glass and ceramic surfaces in bathroom areas. NewPro-Nano Stone Plus with Graffiti Protection is a special resilient coating for absorbent stone surfaces both indoors and outdoors – water just rolls off, grease and oily materials permeate the coated surfaces.

NewPro Nano 172 Advance is an invisible, water- and contamination-resistant, UV-stable coating of porous substrate surfaces, regardless of whether the surface is a natural stone such as sandstone, concrete, terracotta, clay brick or stone panelling. Floor or wall coatings, building facades, functional terracotta or roof tiles are all in the scope of application for this product. Since nano-coatings only apply an ultra-thin coating on the inside of the pores, the substrates remain breathable after the coating - the perfect structural protection. The majority of the contamination is washed away by the rain.

The NewPro-Nano Stainless Steel Coating long lasting with anti-fingerprint removes fingerprints antibacterially and protects stainless steel from rust and weathering damage. NewPro-Nano Fit Wheels seals automobile and motorcycle wheels/rims and protects against water, oil, dirt and grime. NewPro-Nano for Untreated Wood is a special protection designed for wood. The NewPro-Nano Coating for untreated textiles and leather completes the product line. NewPro Nano TEX NA 153 is a hydrophobic surface impregnation based on chemical nanotechnology. The impregnation forms a transparent and ultra thin layer on absorbent textile surfaces and shows oil and water repelling properties.

NewPro permaSeal NA TEX 505 for PES and synthetically fibers creates a permanent, transparent, ultrathin layer which makes the fiber resistant against water, oil and soil.

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