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NewPro-OS AC Street Marker Paint

Product description

NewPro-OS AC Street Marker Paint white (Article No. 6983-91210-09) is an airdrying, aromatics-free highsolids one-component paint with good physical and chemical properties to mark streets according to BAST Prüf-Nr. 2007 1 DS 05. 04

Physical Properties

Color: white
Density: 1, 60+/-0, 05kg/dm³
Viscosity: 33-40 s DIN-cup 53211-6 (20°C)
Dry Matter: min. 75 %



We advise using the spraying method with standard machines or by painting and coating. Dilution with regard to temperature and application, the 0-1% NewPro OS AF Special Thinner for NewPro OS products can be used, it is also free of aromatics, article no. 0059-00340. Drying Time Approx. 10 minutes (BAST norm: T“ – air and surface temperature 15°C, relative humidity 70%, wet-film 400 µm), bad climatic conditions will increase he drying time.

Operating Conditions

Dry surface, min. air temperature +8°C, humidity max. 80%, surface temperature min. 7°C.


The retroreflective property of the marker is achieved by scattering glass reflex pearls (0, 25-0, 30) kg/m³ at most 5 second after paint application. Container Size Hobbocks 30 kg


Product can be stored in original containers at 20°C up to one year.