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NewPro Highly Tear Resistant Strippable Paint

Colourless (AZ0-900) / White (AZ1-900)

NewPro Highly Tear Resistant Strippable Paint is a stripping, resp. a covering paint with exceptional film characteristics. The intention of the development is to provide its use as a covering paint coat or as a sacrificial layer on all conceivable surface types. For example: for facades, for industrial parts etc. It is also suitable as a temporary transport protection for sensitive parts.
Characteristics: Quick drying, highly tear resistance, good water resistance
Basis: Natural latex - combination


Physical Properties

Colour: colourless / white
Viscosity: processing consistency
Density: 1.05 g/ml
Usage: depending on surface approx. 300 ml/m²



Application: Ensure an even, complete coverage. The minimum coating thickness is 150-200μm.
The contaminated film can be pulled off dry (cutting with a sharp object can ease the removal of the film).

Surfaces: All conceivable surfaces can be covered. However the removal properties must always be tested before application.

Thinning: Not necessary. Application is carried out in delivery consistence. If necessary with water.

Processing Equipment: Brush, roller, or suitable spraying unit.

Processing Temperature: Object min. +5° C - resp. surface temperature

Drying: Air Drying overnight. Ensure sufficient ventilation.

Cleaning of Equipment:
At once in wet condition with water, effectivity can be increased by adding household dishwashing liquid.


Delivery & Storage

Delivery Packing: Container with 6 kg, 16 kg contents.

Storage: Dry and cool, but frost-free. The product has a shelf life of at least 9 months. Close opened containers tightly. Opened containers and thinned products must be used within a short time.

Disposal: Only completely emptied containers should be recycled. Hardened remains can be disposed of with residual waste. Liquid paint residues must be disposed of at a pollution collection point or with a licensed disposal firm.
Further information about disposal can be found in the Safety Data Sheets.


Hazard Warnings

Not subject to labelling requirements. Please observe the Safety Data Sheets.