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High Tec Paints

We offer high quality paints with long durability (up to 10 years). They consist of small ceramic balls and retain heat. NewPro-Texx is a high quality coating for outdoor use. The paint works as an insulation. NewPro-Well Interior Paint is a thermo ceramic high performance coating for indoors (living and working areas).

NewPro Silicone Resin coating SI1 / 600 is a high-class exterior paint with very high proportion of silicone resin. It is resistant against aggressive air pollutions and shows beading effect in driving rain.

NewPro WoodProtect, our water-based opaque/covering outdoor weather protection paint, is a premium product built from first-class raw materials according to very high quality standards. The paint production in our company is ecologically sensitive and environmentally compatible. The paint is applicable without problems on wood and mineral surfaces. The wide color spectrum enables various optical design requests. It is possible to create individual color shades for your specific building project. Professional and private users have rated our product extremely positive. NewPro WoodProtect was exposed to outdoor weathering on different objects for many years. The excellent results prove the high-quality rating and long-term protection.